How to Figure Out Most Attractive Face Shape in women?

God has made humans a very attractive creation. Different and diverse than all the other creations he has made. In humans, women are considered to be the most beautiful. And even though each one of God’s creations is utterly beautiful and unique, some women stand out because of their ethereal beauty and facial features.

Most Attractive Face Shape in women
Most Attractive Face Shape in women

A face shape tells a lot about the beauty of the women, and we must say that there are a number of attractive face shapes on women. The article will try to cover the most attractive face shape in a woman.

How to Determine the Most Attractive Face Shape in Women?

Determining the right face shape isn’t a difficult task. Sometimes you can tell instant by just looking at the face. A woman’s face shape tells a lot about her beauty as well as features. Over the years scientists and researchers have come up with many theories regarding a woman’s face shape. It is a proven fact that there are a number of most attractive face shape in women however very limited in men. When you look at a woman with a very round face, you immediately conclude that she has a round face type. That is how it goes vice versa.

Is Heart Face Shape Attractive?

Heart face shape has scientifically proven to be the most attractive and prettiest of all the face shapes that occur in women. A heart-shaped face woman always tends to steal the spotlight and stands out of the crowd.

In a heart-shaped face, the forehead and the chin are wider as compared to the other features. It basically looks exactly like a heart, Reese Witherspoon the most famous Hollywood actress has a heart-shaped face. She is considered to be the most attractive face shape and one of the prettiest Hollywood stars.

The heart shape is indeed the prettiest face shape.

Is Oval be the Most Attractive Face Shape?

Oval face shape is one of the commonest face shapes among women. The oval shape is longer and less wide with a bit broadening at the cheeks. It is too considered one of the prettiest face shape. Some women look exceptional and outstandingly attractive with this face shape.

Is Long Face Shapes Attractive?

Long face shape is often considered to be very average and not that attractive. However, some women might look exceptional and amazing with it too. In a long face shape, the features aren’t definite, the face is long with no definite cheekbones. Hence, it’s very average face shape.

Is Diamond Most Attractive Face Shape?

Diamond face shape is the most desirable face shape among women. It is uniquely intricately and highly feminine. Famous people like Kate Middleton, Drew Barrymore, and Meghan Fox possess a diamond face shape and people are nothing but in constant praises for their beauty and attractiveness.

In a diamond face shape, the forehead is narrow and cheekbones being at the widest point. Making them high and visible. The face shape of this type is also considered to be the most beautiful face shape.

Determine the Most Attractive Face Shape
Determine the Most Attractive Face Shape

Is Square Shape Attractive?

We all know about Angelina Jolie, the goddess of ethereal beauty. She has a square face and her beauty and attractiveness are always the talks of the town. Being 40 has never been this beautiful and attractive yet she carries her beauty to such perfection. Having a square face means that your features are set apart with the right measurements and this makes your eyes to be more prominent. This indeed plays a huge contributing factor towards a woman’s beauty. This face shape is again considered to be among the most attractive face shape.

Is Round Face Shape Attractive?

A round face is very angular but still considered to be very attractive and mostly cute. Many famous and pretty women we know have a round face and they’re ruling over the fashion industry with their killer and attractive looks.

Any woman can look pretty with a round face with some touch-ups and of course a  bronzer to highlight those cheekbones!

Most Attractive Face Shape

We have talked about every face shape has its own beauty and uniqueness. Every woman is special and beautiful and with the right face shape, a woman can look ethereal and absolutely gorgeous.

There are a number of most attractive face shape in women that exists and they all have different qualities. One can’t decipher as to which is the most beautiful face shape because sometimes a woman cannot have the perfect face shape yet looks the prettiest.

However, several studies and surveys have suggested that the heart face shape in women is considered to be the prettiest and most beautiful. Heart-shaped faces are rare but absolutely gorgeous. Men of our society really seem to like heart face shaped women.

Reese Witherspoon one of the most famous Hollywood actresses has a heart-shaped face and she is considered to be the epitome of beauty and attraction. Yet, there are other famous and prettier actresses that do not possess a heart-shaped face but are still considered pretty and ravishing.

How to Get the Most Attractive Face Shape by Exercise?

Many of us fail to admit that exercise plays a key role in fixing your body posture and face shape too to some extent. Exercise actually is the key role in everything related to a fine and healthy body.

Perfect face shape can definitely be obtained by working out the right way. If you have a chubby face, you can work out extensively to get a slim one. Once your face loses all the weight your cheekbones will be prominent and so will the other features as well.

Constant chewing helps in losing face fat resulting in proper slim face shape. You can chew gum for some time as an exercise every day.

Weight lifting is one of the most major exercises that help you to lose face fat. Having the right dumbbells and eight exercise angles you can get the slim and fit right face shape that you have been struggling for.

Some exercises you can follow to get the perfect face shape.

Exercises for having Most Attractive Face Shape
Exercises for having Most Attractive Face Shape

Face Exercises for having Most Attractive Face Shape

Like we have mentioned earlier, chewing is a very good exercise for the face. You can use chewing gum or any other thing to fulfill the purpose.

Most Attractive Face Shape by Lifting Dumbells

Weight lifting is a great exercise for the face structure and to highlight the cheekbones. You can start with 2 kg weights every day to attain the right face shape. There are proper angles at which you need to work out, this is the only way through which you can get the right face shape.

Jumping jacks

It would be hard to believe but jumping jacks really help in weight loss. By jumping all your face weight is being pulled down which results in the stretching of the skin. When the skin is stretched tour cheekbones are more prominent and hence your face shape will automatically go to the oval or longitudinal side.

Wide Smile Exercise for Most Attractive Face Shape

Research says that every morning when you get, smiling widely purposely for 15 to 20 minutes will reduce and prevent your skin from wrinkling. Moreover, it will give you a perfect slim face. One cant says what kind of face shape you will get but it can definitely be changed from the one you’re currently having. We assure you that by doing this you can look far more fit and attractive.